Beating Stress

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Stress affects all of us to some degree, and stress always affects our health.  In fact, 80% of all chronic illnesses are caused by stress.

Stress specifically targets our adrenal glands, also known as our “stress glands”.  These glands control all of our hormonal secretions and have an effect on nearly all of our bodily functions.  Prolonged stress will lead to hormonal imbalances.

Weak adrenal glands can be repaired through the following strategies:

  • Eliminate dietary stress in the form of caffeine, tobacco, and sugar,
  • Participate in mild exercise to help relax stress,
  • Take nutritional supplements designed to improve and support adrenal function.

My favorite form of mild exercise is walking.  A 10 minute walk can increase your endorphin levels for 2 hours.   Walk for 30 minutes and you can call it a workout!  A morning walk relaxes me, makes me feel good, and helps me focus on the day ahead.

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