Day 3 – Raw Food Cleanse

Today is Day 3 and Dr. Barb and I really feel great.   Last night we both noticed increased energy even though we had a long hard day.  At one point I think we were actually a bit giddy!

We got home after 10 pm and we were both a little hungry.  I made a drink of cranberry juice, water, and fiber which seemed to take the edge off.

Dr. Barb reminded me today that we need to treat ourselves extra nice during the cleanse.  Yesterday I did a light workout at the gym and this morning a bit of stretching and yoga.  Nothing too strenuous.  I will be at the office today and I plan to do an ionic foot bath to clean my lymph system and maybe a short bike ride later just because it is such a nice day and they are getting few and far in between.

I did notice that even though I have been trying to drink more than enough water, yesterday afternoon I started to feel a little nauseous and felt a headache coming on.  I drank a couple of big glasses of water and sat quietly for a while and those symptoms disappeared.  So today I am going to drink even more and flush those toxins out.

I have started every morning with a hot water and lemon drink which will help clean my system, but also seems to help me with the reduced coffee consumption.

Thank you for everyone that has supported us, asked us questions, and have offered suggestions.  We love our community and know how very fortunate we are to know each and every one of you.

We will talk with you again tomorrow!

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