Day 4 – Raw Food Cleanse

Nobody ever said detoxification was fun and easy, and yesterday was a tough day for both of us.

During our lives our bodies are constantly being overloaded with toxins, and one way it protects us is by encapsulating excess toxins in fat and depositing them anywhere it can.  It loves to store these toxic fatty deposits around our belly, on our organs, in our joints and muscles, and especially in any weak areas we have – places where we have experienced disease or injury.

During a Detox, these toxins are released and eventually are eliminated from our bodies, but on the way they can be reabsorbed and can cause quite a ruckus before they are expelled through our digestive or lymph systems.

One typical way we experience the effects of these toxins is that we get headaches and become nauseous.  This happened to me the last two days.  The first day I drank some tea and water and felt much better.  Yesterday I became very nauseous and even somewhat disoriented, and nothing seemed to help.  If you remember, Dr. Barb reminded me just yesterday that we need to be nice to ourselves during a detox, so when I left the Kuma office for the day, I did not do a bike ride as planned.  Instead I went home, did a short meditation and then spent the evening reading.  This morning  feel great.

Another way we experience the effects of these toxins is by what is called a ‘healing crises”.  The theory is that our bodies retain a memory of when it stored these toxic fatty deposits, so when they are finally released we re-experience the events of that moment.  Since these deposits are usually stored in areas made weak by disease or injury, the experience can sometimes be physically and emotionally painful.  Yesterday Dr. Barb had intense pain in a leg that had been injured when she was a teenager.   She massaged the leg and spent the evening relaxing with a friend, and she too felt great this morning.

The important thing to remember when these symptoms come up during a cleanse is that it is a good thing – it means the body is detoxifying and the toxins are getting out of the body where they belong.  Sometimes the symptoms are intense and painful and it makes us want to quit, but that is the worst thing we can do.  The thing to do is drink water, rest, and be nice to ourselves.  The symptoms will pass when the toxins pass.

Today is our last day of juicing and tomorrow we can eat again.  I have not been hungry but I will enjoy chewing something!  Tomorrow will still be an all Raw Food Day and Saturday we will return to eating our normal diet, although we plan to take it easy so we don’t shock our bodies.  We have discussed designating an all-juice day every week as a maintenance plan.

By the way, this morning we had a breakfast smoothie of fresh mango, blueberries, frozen strawberries, tofu, raw cashews, cranberry juice and protein power with fiber.  It was not easy to stuff all that into the blender but it was might tasty!


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