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If you want to get your day off to an uplifting start, then you
need to develop morning rituals that give you a positive framework
for the rest of the day. Here are five morning rituals for personal

1. Early To Rise
The quiet stillness of the morning is very favorable to clear thinking,
quiet reflection and rejuvenation of your energy.

In addition, rising early gives you time to calmly carry out the
numerous activities that need to be done before you leave the
house. If you have a houseful of room mates or family members, at a minimum get up an hour before they do.

2. Move
You can take your pick of yoga, dance or taking a walk around the
block, but shake a leg in the morning before you get fully into
your day.

Light exercise leaves you feeling more relaxed than you were before
you worked out. You will also look and feel better when you
exercise regularly, which can boost your self-confidence.

It is not surprising that many people also say that solutions to
some nagging problems come to them during their early morning
exercise routine.

3. Meditation Is The Key
Meditation gives you an opportunity to get your mind at peace. No
need for 30mins of meditation and a roomful of candles. A quick
10mins will do well for starters. The hardest part in the beginning
will be to centre your thoughts as numerous distractions flood your

4. Count Your Blessings
You can lose sight of the great things and people that are already
in your life, if you fail to acknowledge them. Take a moment to
really be thankful for all in your life right now,that brings you
joy and pleasure.

Remember that what you focus on increases. Start counting your
blessings daily and look out for more to appear in your life.

5. Brand New Day
Put the past day away and fully embrace the brand new day that you have before you. Do not pull the old baggage of an unhappy
yesterday into today. You can use your powers of visualization or
active day dreaming to mentally create a day where things work out
in your favor.

See your world as a supportive and loving environment where all
things work to your good.

These steps are not difficult but they do require your commitment
to make them a part of your daily routine.

At the very least they will deliver happier results than stumbling
out of bed, dashing to get dressed and cursing the day as you grab
your jacket on the way out. The choice is yours.

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