Typically people that come to Kuma have been living with their pain or health issue for weeks, months, or even years. They have seen 4 or 5 doctors and they are frustrated or even desperate. We are able to help them because we don’t only treat the symptom, we treat the cause of the issue. And once the cause of the issue is treated and optimum health is achieved, we make sure the patient is able to maintain that optimal health.

This is what we call the Three Phases of Health Care:

Phase I – Symptom Relief
When someone is in pain or is experiencing other acute health issues, the most important thing is to get rid of the symptom as quickly as possible. Typical symptoms include headaches, neck/shoulder pain, low back pain, digestive issues, sleep disorders, and many others. It is very difficult to treat the cause of a health issue until the symptom is reduced or even eliminated.

Many people feel so good after their symptom is relieved that they don’t continue their treatment, and many times we see these same patients come back with the same symptoms. When we only treat a symptom and not the cause, that symptom will never really go away – it will just keep coming back.

Phase II – Corrective Care
Now that the pain or other symptom is reduced or eliminated, it is time to address the cause of the problem. Even though there are thousands of symptoms, we know that there are only three causes of all health issues –Stress, Toxicity, and Trauma.

The Doctor or Therapist will work with the patient to identify and eliminate the cause of the issue. Dr. Barb will usually assign stretches or exercises at this point to help her patients with pain issues to strengthen the weak areas, stretch the tight areas, and bring the body back into alignment.

Phase III – Maintenance Care
This phase is the secret to getting rid of your pain for good! After you are out of pain and have corrected the cause of your issue, it is important to maintain your optimum health. Examples of a Maintenance Care Plan may include taking daily supplements, light exercise, or regular massages.

When you are in the maintenance phase, even if your symptom reappears it is usually fairly quick and easy to reduce or eliminate the pain, because your body is trained to overcome the symptom.

When our pain is relieved, it is easy to discontinue treatment because we feel so good, and in the short term that relief is all we want. But in the long term it is always more painful and more expensive to cut our treatments short. We like to see all of our patients complete their entire treatment plan to achieve and maintain optimum health.

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