Kuma Health and Wellness Tips – Solutions to Stress

Kuma Health and Wellness Tips – Solutions to Stress
Although there are thousands of symptoms, we know that there are only three causes of all health issues – Stress, Toxicity, and Trauma.
Last time, we discussed how Stress attacks us physically by causing our adrenal glands to become tired and overworked. Our adrenal glands are responsible for the hormones that control over 100 of our body functions. Prolonged Stress equals Hormonal Imbalances.

Today we continue our discussion of, “The Three Causes of Health Issues” with:

There are always three solutions to every health issue that you might have:

1.      What you put in your body,
It is important to know what food, vitamins, and supplements your body needs to heal itself, and to make sure you take only quality products.

2.      What you do with your body,
Stretching and exercise is an important part of everyone’s health, but when you have a particular health issue, it is essential that you stretch and exercise every day.  A specific plan will help target the exact areas you need to work on, but at a minimum everyone can do light calisthenics and a daily walk.

3.      Who you get to help you with your body.
None of us can do it all alone, we all need help. Even Dr. Barb needs a regular massage or a Naprapathic Treatment.

Let’s see how these solutions relate to Stress:

Our adrenal glands need a lot of Vitamins B Complex and C, and when we are under stress the last thing our body is worried about is processing our minerals. So when we are under periods of prolonged stress, our body actually stops processing the very things we need most.

The solution here to help support our adrenal glands is to make sure we eat healthy and take our vitamins and supplements every day, especially Vitamins B Complex and C. Sources for B Complex include whole grains, beans, turkey and tuna. Stay away from white flour and sugar. To get Vitamin C we need to eat our fruits and veggies. Daily supplements are important, and you can get very good quality Vitamins B Complex and C for very reasonable prices.

When our bodies perceive an emergency, our adrenal glands are designed to help us to either fight or run. That was fine when we were cavemen and the emergency was a dinosaur chasing us, but these days our bodies don’t know that there are no more dinosaurs. So when we are sitting in a traffic jam, arguing with our kids, or having a bad day at work. our bodies are preparing us to fight the dinosaur. Blood rushes to the big muscles in our neck and shoulders, and in our butt and legs. If we don’t fight or run, that blood just sits there, stagnating and causing muscle inflammation which leads to pain.

The solution here is to use those muscles like we were designed to do. Did you know that taking a 10 minute walk will increase your endorphin levels for up to two hours? Take a 30 minute walk and you can call it exercise! Yoga is another easy way to stimulate your blood flow. Exercise does not have to be long runs or lifting weights, although those are both great. Remember that any movement is good movement so, just move!

We all need help with our bodies. Some common physical symptoms related to the adrenal glands are headaches, sinus issues, sleep disorders, mood swings, and tension pain in the neck and shoulders. Some of things we feel we can treat ourselves with over counter remedies, but remember that relieving a symptom is not the same as fixing the cause of a health issue.

To actually fix the cause of a health issue and not just relieve the symptoms, we want to find an experienced health care professional that we can trust. For most stress related health issues, natural wellness professionals are the best choice since we want to support the adrenal glands naturally, not mask the symptoms with drugs. I am of course partial to Naprapathy, but we have found that a medically trained massage therapist will have excellent results also.

Next time we will discuss the second cause of all health issues, Toxicity.

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