Kuma Health and Wellness Tips – Trauma

Kuma Health and Wellness Tips – Trauma

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Recently we have been discussing “The Three Causes of Health Issues”.
We began with a comparison of symptoms vs. cause. Treating a symptom might make us feel better in the short term, but it does not help eliminate the cause of our health issue. Even though there are thousands of symptoms, we know that there are only three causes of all health issues:Stress, Toxicity, and Trauma.

We’ve discussed how Stress attacks us physically by causing our adrenal glands to become tired and overworked. Our adrenal glands are responsible for the hormones that control over one hundred of our body functions. Prolonged Stress equals Hormonal Imbalances.

Next we showed how Toxicity causes weight gain and we discussed how detoxification of the body helps us increase fat burning and have more energy.
We also we shared the three solutions to each and every health issue: what you put into your body, what you do with your body, and who you get to help you with your body.

Today we conclude our discussion of, “The Three Causes of Health Issues” with Trauma:


From the time we are old enough to crawl, we all experience falls and accidents which can cause damage to our muscles. These traumas can also cause undetected nerve damage.

Nerves control all the functions of the body, so if they are not working properly, neither will your body. Headaches, neck and back pain, joint pain, and numbness are all usually caused from undetected nerve damage.

Nerve damage is long lasting because it does not just “go away”. Since our bodies do not want us to be in pain, our posture will adjust in order to reduce the effects of the nerve damage. A Naprapath or a massage therapist can look at the position of your head, shoulders, or hips and see how your body is compensating. Of course, these compensations can lead to entirely new problems.

Pills will mask the symptoms of this pain, but they can do nothing to correct the causes.

Massage Therapy is very effective in relieving the causes of muscle pain by loosening tight muscles and reducing inflammation.

Nerve damage can only be repaired by a professional trained to align the spine and the body in order to relieve interference on the nerve. This is what our Naprapath’s do.

And remember, when your body is aligned and the interference on your nerves is repaired, then every massage you receive will be deeper, more effective, and longer lasting, so then you can maintain being pain free with a bi-weekly or monthly massage.

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