More Stress Management for the Holidays

One of the most frustrating about Christmas shopping is the fact that everyone else is shopping too.  It takes forever to find a decent parking space, and then you’re still a mile away from the store. 

Instead of letting yourself be stressed, it helps to remember all the great things that happen to our bodies when we walk:

1. A 10 minute walk raises our endorphin levels for up to 2 hours!

2. walking is fantastic for pain relief in muscles and joints,

3. regular walking helps reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes, and also reduces the risk of stroke and breast cancer,

4. and as an extra special holiday treat, walking is great for your sex life – it is exactly the kind of gentle exercise that increases sexual desire and satisfaction.

So instead of getting upset at the mall, make it a point to park far enough away to have a nice healthy walk.

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