Dr. Barbara Keck is a licensed and board certified Naprapath as well as a Nutritional Counselor.

Dr. Keck offers a unique blend of Naprapathy, endocrine testing, nutritional counseling, detoxification techniques, and other related disciplines designed to optimize people’s health.  Her patients experience improved neuro-musculoskeletal balance, pain reduction, nutritional benefits, and overall improved physical health.

Many people have yet to hear of Naprapathy even though it has been successfully healing people for over 100 years!

Naprapathy is a gentle hands-on corrective therapy primarily used to return musculoskeletal balance.

A Naprapath uses manual manipulation of muscle and connective tissue to relieve pain and restore alignment of the spine.

Naprapathy provides relief for:
-Neck Pain
-Low Back Pain
-Joint Pain
-Chronic Fatigue
-Sprains and Strains
-Minor Aches and Pains
-And many other Health Issues

Naprapathy is a perfect compliment to traditional medical treatment of these ailments.

By treating the connective tissue and addressing nutritional issues, pain relief and spine alignment may be restored without the use of drugs or surgery.

Dr. Keck explains that her patients must take an active interest in their health and wellness and work with her to achieve optimum results.  “At Kuma Health & Wellness we believe that the ability to heal comes from within.”