Raw Food Cleanse – Final Thoughts

Well our 5-Day Raw Food Cleanse is officially over.  This morning Kuma Health and Wellness was fortunate to have Ram “Big Daddy” here at our center to share his Five Bodies Yoga class.  I found that not only is this a Fantastic way to start a day, but it is also a Fantastic way to end a cleanse.  His class always makes me feel great.

We ate only all Raw Food for five days.  The first and last days we ate fruits, salads, and nuts.  On days 2 – 4 we juiced everything for an all liquid diet.  I promised to share the pros and cons of the cleanse with you today.  I am not sure I have completely processed the experience and my body is actually still detoxing, but here are my thoughts so far,


CHEAP AND EASY – I spent $100 at Trader Joes on Sunday, spent an hour cleaning everything really good and packing the veggies in Tupperware, then all I did all week was grab what I wanted. throw it into a blender and eat.  We still have plenty leftover for salads and snacks.  There is virtually no prep or cooking time involved.

EFFECTIVE – this was a very powerful cleanse.  Both Barb and I realized significant effects of detoxification.

WEIGHT LOSS – this cleanse was not intended for weight loss but I did lose three pounds during the three days of juicing.

ENERGY – during the first two days I had a lot of energy and felt great.  Today I feel pretty good too.  I should point out that on days 3 to 5 I felt pretty lousy, low energy, and nauseous from the detoxification process.


ENERGY – as I said above, I felt pretty lousy and had low energy on days 3 – 5.  Yesterday (day 5) I had aches and pains everywhere.  Of course some discomfort is to be expected during a cleanse, I do cleanse fairly regularly and I do eat pretty well, and I don’t think I should have felt this bad.  There are herbs that help support the body during detoxification and if I do this again, I will make sure to take them during the process.

HUNGER – for the most part we were not really that hungry, but by the end of the week I really had the desire to chew something.  And with the cooler weather, it would have been nice to be able to eat something warm.

INTENSITY – as I said, this was a really powerful cleanse and I would not recommend it to anyone who has never cleansed before.

We did feel this was an excellent cleanse for us, and we are discussing doing an all raw food juice day once a week to clean and maintain.  I believe eating raw food is a great natural cleanse even without juicing, and I would definitely recommend that everyone strive to eat at least 50% of their food raw.  There is a lot of information about raw food on line and Dr. Barb will be presenting a class in November which will be a fantastic guide for the beginner.

For anyone who does eat a 50% Raw Food diet and does cleanse regularly, this is a powerful tool to detoxify the body.


Tonight I have a craving for Lasagna and Italian bread, and maybe glass or two of wine.



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