SMART Tips for Acheiving Your Health and Fitness Goals

Here is a SMART way to identify and achieve your goals.
SMART is an acronym to help you not only create your goals, but gives you specific tips to help you reach them.

SMART goals have these attributes –
S- specific
A- attainable
R- relevant
T- timed

Let’s take a look and see how this formula applies to our health and fitness goals.

Specific –   When you create a specific goal such as “lose 20 pounds”, or “run a 6 minute mile”, your mind will know exactly what to focus on, and you will be able to create a definite plan that will help you achieve that goal.  A goal that is unspecific like “get into shape”, will give you no direction.

Measurable – if you can’t measure your results, how will you know what results you are getting?  Whether you are measuring weight, time, or inches, having a measurable goal allows you to see progress and adjust your plan accordingly.

Attainable – make sure your goal is realistic for you.  Setting impossible goals will only set you up for failure.

Relevant – if your goal is not relevant for you, when the going gets rough you will quit.

Timed –  make a commitment to yourself that you will accomplish your goal by a certain date.  And most important, when that day comes and you have reached your goal, CELEBRATE  You deserve it!

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