Stress Management for The Holidays

3 Quick Stress Reduction Techniques
The Holiday Season can be very stressful for all of us.  When you fell stressed, you can try doing one or all of these things to help feel more relaxed.

Humor is one of the quickest devices for reducing stress.  Humor works because laughter produces helpful chemicals in the brain.

Humor also gets your brain thinking and working in a different way – it distracts you from having a stressed mindset. Distraction is a simple effective  de-stressor – it takes your thoughts away from the stress, and thereby diffuses the stressful feelings.

Therefore most of us will feel quite different and notice a change in mindset after laughing and being distracted by something humorous.  Watch a funny movie, read a funny story, talk with a funny friend, or just laugh out loud for a minute or two. Keep taking the laughter medicine until you feel suitably relaxed and re-charged.

TECHNIQUE 2 – Walk and Talk
Go outside for a short quick really brisk walk outside. Change your environment and breathe in some fresh air.  Stimulate your senses by looking, smelling, listening to everything around you.

As you walk, it really helps to say inspiring messages to yourself out loud such as, “I am in control”, “today is my day”, or “I feel great”. This will reduces stress by removing you physically from the stress in your mind and body.

TECHNIQUE 3 – Rehydrate
Go get a big cup or a bottle of water. Most of us fail to drink enough water.  And we do need a lot of water – not tea, coffee, coke, ‘sports’ drinks, energy drinks or fruit juice.

All of your organs, including your brain, are strongly dependent on water to function properly. If you starve your body of water you will function below your best – and you will be physically and mentally stressed.

Offices and workplaces commonly have a very dry atmosphere which increases people’s susceptibility to de-hydration. This is why you must keep your body properly hydrated.  Most people need 4-8 glasses of water a day. As an added benefit, when you drink water you need to pee,  and this gives you a little break and a bit of exercise now and then, which also reduces stress.

And finally, if you really want to keep your stress from affecting your holidays, get plenty of rest, be careful of the sweets, take your vitamins, and stick to your exercise schedule.  It is so easy to neglect these things during the month of December, but this is the worst possible time not to take care of yourself.

And of course, when the holiday stress gets to be too much, you can always give yourself an early gift and relax with a nice stress-relieving massage. Also, please join Jim Keck on Thursday, December 13 at 7 pm for a special 1 hour workshop.

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