Everyone wants to be healthy – to feel better, have more energy, and live longer. But sometimes it feels like being healthy is so hard. Do any of these sound familiar….

“I just don’t feel like working out today”,
“I know I am trying to lose weight but this ice cream tastes so good!,
“I am feeling a little sore today, I think I will just lay here on the couch”,

Even though we want to be healthy, we also all get a little lazy about the discipline it takes to be healthy. Becoming healthy is a long-term goal and long-term goals can be quite daunting and overwhelming.

Today I am going to give you a few tips that will help you take a step or two toward health even when you are just not in the mood or you are feeling overwhelmed.Today we will do the absolute minimum!

Whenever we face a long term project like our health, it helps to break things down into smaller baby steps. That way, instead of feeling overwhelmed by looking at the big picture and imagining what still remains to be done, we can feel a sense of accomplishment by completing small steps consistently. As long as we keep taking the baby steps, our long term goals will keep getting closer and closer.

As always, we look at the three solutions to every health issue –

  1. What we put into our bodies,
  2. What we do with our bodies, and
  3. Who we get to help us with our bodies.
What we put into our bodies – in the course of each and every day most of us will eat or drink something that we know is not good for our health. Some of these poor choices such as soda or fast food can really hurt us over time.

At a minimum, we can choose to switch one bad thing for one good thing. For example, if I drink soda, I can exchange one of the sodas for a sparkling water every day. Or if I eat fast food, I can exchange my burger for a piece of chicken, or my fries for coleslaw. Things like sport drinks, fatty meats, breads, or candy can be exchanged for water, fish, veggies, or fruit.

Just pick one thing you eat or drink that you know is not good for you and exchange it for one thing that is. Remember, it does not have to be a huge change – we are taking baby steps here.

What we do with our bodies – In our busy lives it is sometimes hard to find the time for regular exercise. Going to the gym takes time and effort, and it is difficult to keep to our workout schedule when we get busy with other things.

An easy baby step here is not to worry about going to the gym, just take advantage of the late summer weather and find reasons to walk where you need to go. Instead of driving to your destination, is it walkable? Maybe you have a dog? That is a great excuse to walk and both you and the dog will be happier and healthier.

There are many great bike trails in the area if you like to bike. Also swimming is a fantastic all-around workout. The secret is to fine something physical that you enjoy doing and that way it will not seem like a work-out, it will be fun.

Who do we get to help us with our bodies – no one can do it all; every one of us needs help sometimes. Maybe we don’t know what proper nutrition is for us.  Or if we are in pain we are not going to want eat right or exercise. We all need someone who can answer our questions, motivate us when we get discouraged, and celebrate our successes together.

It is important that all of us find a healthcare practitioner or a health coach that we trust. None of us has all the answers but together we can usually figure things out.

At Kuma Health and Wellness we are fortunate to have an intelligent and vibrant community of like-minded people who are interested in natural solutions to our health. Please feel free to ask questions or share information on our blog or our Facebook page.

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