The Three “Dos” for Better Health

There are three things that we can always “DO” for better health.

The first is, what “DO” we put into our bodies?  Nutrition is so important for our overall health, and specific foods and supplements can make a huge difference when we have a health issue that becomes a problem.

Second, what DO we do with our body?  Whether you meditate every day, train for a Triathlon, or do anything in between, it is important that you DO something.  Our bodies were not designed for sitting around all day.

Third, who DO we get to help us with our bodies?  None of us can do it alone.  We all need information, support, and hands-on help.  It is important for all of us to find a health care professional who will work with us and who we can trust.

Dr. Barb makes sure to get a deep tissue, stress relieving massage on a regular basis.   Massage really helps us on so many levels – we experience stress relief, a massage detoxifies our bodies, and the inflammation and pain in our muscles is reduced or even eliminated.

What do you DO to take care of YOU?  We are interested to hear your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions and would appreciate your sharing them with our community.  Just click in the box under “Leave a Reply” and tell us what you DO, or what you resolve to DO in 2013 for better health.

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