Massage Therapy

Kuma Health & Wellness is a medical office concerned with the health of the whole body.  Our massages are customized to fit the specific needs of each individual.  Kuma Health & Wellness Massage Therapists are trained in neuromuscular medical massage techniques which enhance the function of muscle and connective tissue and promote relaxation and well-being.

Massage can be a part of Naprapathic treatment or practiced on its own.  Our massages can ease tension, reduce pain, and increase flexibility and range of motion.  They are highly effective for reducing the symptoms of stress, back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other disorders of the muscles and/or nervous system.

In addition to an effective and enjoyable whole body massage experience, we identify specific postural conditions which may be contributing to pain and reduced flexibility, focusing on those areas that require special attention.

Our unique approach to wellness and massage is perfect for anyone with a desk job, athletes, physical laborers and those who simply want to feel better.



-60 minutes

For a limited time, you will receive a Doctor Supervised one hour full body massage with a Master Massage Therapist for the introductory price of $39.00.

As a special bonus, we will include a Stress Evaluation ABSOLUTELY FREE.  This evaluation will help identify your specific health concerns and recommendations on what you can do to have  More Energy, Feel Younger, and Live Longer.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE – $75.00 ($65 for VIP Members)

-60 minutes

Experts estimate that 80% of all chronic illness is caused by stress.  Massage is an effective tool for managing and reducing the effects of stress.

Specific benefits of our massage include, decreased anxiety, pain relief, enhanced sleep quality, increased energy, improved focus and concentration, increased circulation, and reduced fatigue.
This massage is a full body deep tissue massage performed by a licensed and experienced massage therapist.  Time includes undressing and dressing.

Upgrade to a 75 minute massage for the special price of $89.00 ($79 for VIP Members).


MEDICAL MASSAGE – $99.00 ($89 for VIP Members)

-90 minutes

Medical Massage is designed to address a specific medical condition.  It is an orthopedic technique used to treat muscle pain, sports injuries, edema, muscle cramps, migraines, and a wide variety of other physical problems.  Medical massage may also be used as part of a physical therapy program to build strength and increase flexibility.

At Kuma Health and Wellness, our Doctors will often prescribe medical massage to treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues and may recommend it be used in conjunction with a Naprapathic treatment plan.

This massage will concentrate on general areas of the body such as low back or shoulders, and will target specific areas and conditions as necessary. Time includes consultation/exam, undressing and dressing.


At Kuma Health and Wellness, our purpose is to help as many people as possible regain and maintain their health, naturally.  Our Annual VIP Membership program is designed to provide extra value at a significant cost savings, with NO CONTRACTS, NO COMMITMENTS.  With this membership you will receive:

$10 discount on ALL massages for the entire year,

Savings of 10% on all vitamins, homeopathics, and supplements

Special Invitations to Wellness events at Kuma Health and Wellness

$60 credit towards an annual Naprapathic consultation and exam, or a FREE Acupuncture exam and consultation.

This membership is $60.00 per year.  Our Special price for a Familly Membership is $90.00.