Wellness Intensive

Attention: Business Owners and Managers,

Do you Want to Gain A Healthy Leg Up on Your Competition?

Your Employees are your single biggest investment  –

  • Are you getting the most value for your Employee Investment?
  • Are you tired of paying for rising healthcare costs every year?
  • Do your employees look stressed out, overweight, or just plain fatigued?
  • Are sick days hurting your bottom line?
  • Do you want a happier, healthier, more productive workplace?

Now Imagine if you could…..

  • Increase your Return on Employee Investment 300% or more,
  • Take control of your health care costs and turn the savings into increased profits,
  • Learn the secret to creating a happier, more productive working environment,
  • Discover how to build your workers into a happy healthy team, increase morale, and build a strong company culture,
  • Create more motivation, more fun, and lower employee turnover,

Give us the opportunity to share the Simple Steps of Wellness that will quickly give you all these benefits and more!

Invest in the Health of your Business with the Kuma Health & Wellness 5-Step Signature System

Natural Wellness Intensive: from Exhausted to Extraordinary in 5 Easy Steps

This is the program that will transform the lives of your employees and save you money!

To schedule a short informational presentation, please call Kuma Health & Wellness at (708) 352-1000, or email Jim@kumahealthcare.com