FAST FOOD Does Not Have To Be JUNK FOOD. Eating Healthy Fast and Economically


At Kuma we talk everyday with people about healthy eating and weight loss.  We believe that everyone loses weight differently, and that there is no “one plan fits all”.  That said, there is one constant that is essential to every healthy eating plan.  We know that weight is just one symptom of a toxic body, so if we want to eat better and attain a stable healthy weight, we need to put less toxins into our body and eat more non-toxic foods. It sounds simple and it should be simple, but sometimes we make it more difficult for ourselves than it has to be.

There are three things that we should NEVER put into our body because they are toxic and they are addicting:

  1. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  2. Trans Fat Hydrogenated Oils
  3.  MSGs

All three of these ingredients are typically found in the food and drink at every fast food restaurant, which means that if we want to be healthy, we cannot eat at those places anymore.

Unfortunately, in our culture it is inconceivable to some that fast food can be eliminated from our diets because we think that fast food is fast, cheap, and easy.  We tell ourselves that it is OK to eat fast food “occasionally”, or eat off the “healthy” menu.  Sometimes we are in a hurry and we believe that we have no choice but to stop for a quick “happy” meal.  But in this case NEVER means NEVER because there are NO safe levels for consumption of these toxic ingredients.

If we are in a hurry, there are many healthy alternatives to fast food that are actually cheaper, easier and faster than the junk food served at fast food restaurants.

For instance, most supermarkets have their produce section near the front of the store, which makes it really quick and easy to pop in for some fresh fruits and nuts, and maybe even a yogurt.

Also, many larger food stores have prepared salads and healthy pre-packaged healthy meals available.  Be warned though to check the labels because not all of these items are as healthy as they sound.

A healthy meal of veggies, fruits, and/or nuts is very filling and very satisfying.  In addition, eating this way is especially important if you have children, because now is the best time to teach them the importance of healthy eating, and that fast food does not have to be junk food.

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