By Dr. Barb Keck

 After you stop chuckling, I’m sure you all would like to know, why you would want to soak your nuts?  Well soaking nuts, seeds and whole grains in water removes an enzyme inhibitor so they can germinate or sprout.  Once the inhibitor is broken down it allows nutrients in the nuts, seeds and whole grains to release and be more easily digested and absorbed by the body.  When you increase nutrient absorption, you will feel full and satisfied more quickly, an extra bonus.

Soaking times:

Cashews 2 hrs.  Pecans 4-6 hrs. Walnuts 4-6 hrs. (Will be softer overnight, but still delicious) Hazel nuts 4-6 hrs. (softer overnight). Almonds 8-12 hrs.

After soaking always drain your nuts and seeds in a colander for about 10 to 15 minutes to let them air dry a bit before storing, you can even pat them dry with a paper or cloth towel. You can put them in the oven below 200 degrees(until dry few hours) or a dehydrator(6-12hrs) for longer storage. Otherwise store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.  The nuts will last about 4 days, after that they can become bitter and moldy.  I recommend  Only soaking an amount you need for a recipe or what you know you will munch on in the next few days, this way you will save time and money. Bon apatite!

Next I have a delicious recipe that will definitely fill you up and hold you down in a strong wind! It’s Power Oats.

Power Oats

Serves 2 for 2 mornings


mixing bowl, potato masher or fork


1 1/2 cup Steel Cut Oats (soaked overnight)

1/3 cup Walnuts, almonds hazel nuts (can be soaked with oats overnight)

2 ripe Bananas

1 tsp Coconut Oil

½ to ¾ cup raisins or other dried fruit

1 cup unsweetened Hemp milk or unsweetened Vanilla Hemp milk

1 cup Blueberry’s or any fresh berry


Put the steel cut oats and nuts to soak overnight.  Add both to a mixing bowl and cover with filtered water by about a ¼ to a ½ inch.  Leave on counter covered with a kitchen towel.

In AM drain the oats and nuts in colander.  In mixing bowl smash the 2 bananas and coconut oil together making a paste.  You can add cinnamon or substitute other fruit for the bananas to make the paste. Bananas are the easiest, you may need blender for say a mango, apple or berries.

Add drained oats and nuts to banana paste, mixing well.  Add raisins to oat mixture.  Heat the 1cup of unsweetened Hemp milk but do not boil.  Place 1 cup to 1 cups of oat mixture to 2 bowls, add ½ cup of blueberry’s to each bowl then add ½ cup of heated Hemp milk to each bowl.  Store left over mixture in air tight container for next day’s breakfast. You’ve just had your first raw food breakfast how do you feel?

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