Got Stress?

Even though there are thousands of symptoms, we know that there are only three causes of all health issues, Stress, Toxicity, and Trauma.

Today we continue our discussion of, “The Three Causes of Health Issues” with:


When we talk to people about their health, we usually start the conversation talking about stress. Stress is responsible for 80% of all chronic illnesses!

We tend to think of stress as a mental issue, but stress actually attacks us physically.  Specifically, stress attacks our adrenal glands which are also known as our stress glands. Our adrenal glands control the secretion of the hormone adrenaline into our bodies and they also secrete the hormones that control over 100 other physical functions.

One of the primary functions of our adrenal glands is the “Fight or Flight” syndrome. I like to use the Cave Man-Dinosaur example to illustrate this syndrome:

We are cave men, and when we see a dinosaur our bodies are designed to either fight the dinosaur or run away. Let’s face it, when you’re a cave man those are really your only two choices.  In order to prepare your body for Fight or Flight, the hormone adrenal is released which makes your heart rate increase, you breath faster and higher in the lungs, blood rushes to the big muscles in our neck and shoulders (to fight) and to your butt and legs (to run). Also, hormones required for other non-necessary functions are reduced such as for digestions and sleep, since you won’t need to eat or sleep while that dinosaur is chasing you!

The problem is that our bodies don’t know that there are no more dinosaurs, so whenever an emergency appears, even a minor one, our bodies see a dinosaur and prepare us to either fight or run.

For example, we oversleep – dinosaur!  We get stuck in traffic – dinosaur! Bad day at work, argue with the kids, bang our knee on the table – dinosaur!dinosaur!dinosaur!

The cave man got to relax and recharge after an emergency, but we do not have that luxury.  Since our bodies are not designed for this constant stress, our adrenal glands become tired, fatigued, and overworked.

Remember, our adrenal glands not only control the secretion of adrenal, but they also control the hormones that affect over 100 other physical functions including blood flow, sinus and allergies, digestion, physical tension, sleep, estrogen and testosterone levels, and our immune system.

So when our adrenal glands are tired and overworked, we start seeing symptoms related to these functions including headaches, loss of sleep, pain in the neck and shoulders, mood swings, fatigue, susceptibility to colds and flu
So the first cause of all health issues is Stress.  Prolonged Stress equals Hormonal Imbalances.

If you notice any of these symptoms, we are always happy to test your adrenal glands as part of your Naprapathic Treatment or Massage at no additional cost.  The two tests we use to evaluate your adrenal glands are the Raglinds test which compares your blood pressure sitting and standing, and a pupillary test which observes how the pupil of your eye reacts to light.

In our modern society we are all subject to an incredible amount of stress, but the good news is that there are simple lifestyle changes we can make – free, cheap, and easy solutions that will help support our adrenals and reduce or even eliminate these symptoms.

In our next installment, we will share some of these solutions with you.

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