We eat drink and breathe over 84,000 toxins that we are exposed to everyday so we are all toxic.  Our bodies are designed to eliminate as many of these toxins as possible, but over time they accumulate.  Take the quiz to check your toxicity level:

  1. I crave sweet, starchy, or salty foods
  2. I often feel tired and fatigued
  3. I struggle with weight loss
  4. I have difficulty concentrating and staying focused
  5. My moods fluctuate and I am often irritable
  6. I experience allergy symptoms such as itchy skin
  7. I experience discomfort or bloating after eating (constipation)
  8. I feel sick often, especially colds and headaches
  9. I have trouble falling and staying asleep
  10. I feel aches and pains in my muscles and joints
  11. Taking prescription drug for 3 months or more

If you answered yes to 3 or more questions, toxins are adversely affecting your health and may cause serious damage if not corrected.

Please check out our Fall Detox for Health with Dr. Barb program to see what you can do to feel better, look better, and even lose a few pounds.

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