Look and Feel Fantastic in 2014 – Part 1


Spring is finally near – a time when our thoughts turn to ….. how am I going to look in my bathing suit this summer?

Yes, Spring is the time of year when we start thinking about those extra pounds we put on during the winter, and those cold days when we just couldn’t bring ourselves to get to the gym.

We all want to look and feel our best, especially coming into the summer, and we are going to discuss ways to make that happen in this 3-part series.


We have said this before and we will say it again and again, “you cannot lose weight if you are toxic.”

We eat, drink, and breathe 84,000 chemicals that we are exposed to everyday.  Our liver is the primary organ that filters toxins from our body, but it can become dirty and clogged up trying to cleanse this huge amount of modern impurities.  Any toxins that remain in the body can create highly reactive free radicals which destroy cellular activity.

In order to protect us, our body surrounds these free radicals with fat.  That is why it is almost impossible to lose weight when we are toxic, because our body is using our fat to protect us from damage caused by those toxins and it is not going to let us lose the fat until the toxins are no longer a threat. 

So, the first step in any serious weight loss plan is to clean the toxins from your body.  There are two ways to detox, you can use a diet plan such as the Raw Food Cleanse that Dr. Barb and I did last year https://kumahealthandwellness.com/welcome-to-dr-barb-and-jims-5-day-raw-food-cleanse/, or you can purchase a Detox product that supplies everything you need in one simple package.  Unless you cleanse regularly, we recommend that you use a quality Detoxification product.

There are many very good detox and cleansing products on the market, and many more not- so- good ones.  We believe that a good Detox product should have two qualities:

  1. The detox should be gentle on you system – when you release toxins, they must travel through your body on their way to get eliminated and some may even get re-absorbed into your system, so it is important that your body gets rid of these toxins cleanly and quickly.  Toxicity may cause headaches, nausea and sore achy muscles, so we want to avoid those symptoms.
  2. The detox should leave room for error – even with our best intentions there are times when we may eat or drink something that is not allowed in the plan.  It is important that we can just get right back up on the horse and continue with the plan and not have to start to cleanse all over again – because no one wants to start a cleanse all over.

It is important to remember that the primary purpose of a detox or cleanse product it not to lose weight, it is to clean the filters of our bodies (the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, etc.) cleanse the colon and intestines, and remove toxins.  When our internal organs and organ systems are clean they are working at optimal levels, reducing the incidence of disease and increasing energy levels. 

That said, it is inevitable that most of us will lose a little weight during a detox, but we want to measure the success of our Cleanse not by how much weight we may lose but by our increased energy and the elimination of toxins,.  The real weight loss begins after the detoxification. 


Dr. Barb has researched and tried many detoxification and cleansing products for over a decade, and she has seen her patients achieve fantastic results with the Designs for Health 18 day Detoxification Program.  It is easy to use, gentle on the body, and the effectiveness of the Cleanse is directly controlled by the adherence to the plan.  Patients report that it is easy to follow, and they are not hungry, experience little to no symptoms of toxicity, and feel full of energy.

For everyone of our patients and clients who receive this newsletter, your special price for the 18-Day Designs for Health Detox is only $140, and it is eligible for the 10% discount for participants in our Massage Membership program for a $14 savings.

As a special bonus, we will give each and every person who wants to detoxify using this plan, a FREE 30 minute upgrade to their next massage (a $24 value!).


Please give us a call if you are interested in using this Detoxification Program or another plan to kick-start your path to Look and Feel Great in 2014.  Our next newsletter will discuss the various weight loss options you will have after you detox and cleanse your body.


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