Spring is finally near – a time when our thoughts turn to ….. how am I going to look in my bathing suit this summer?
Yes, Spring is the time of year when we start thinking about those extra pounds we put on during the winter, and those cold days when we just couldn’t bring ourselves to get to the gym.

We all want to look and feel our best, especially coming into the summer, and we are going to discuss ways to make that happen in this 3-part series.

In PART 1 – SPRING CLEANING, we discussed toxicity and how difficult it is for a toxic body to lose weight, which is why it is so important to first detoxify and cleanse so the body is able to shed those extra pounds. https://kumahealthandwellness.com/look-and-feel-fantastic-in-2014-part-1/

Today we are going to explore some weight loss strategies:

Even though there are thousands of diets, there are only three ways to lose weight: Reduced Calories, High Protein/ Low Carbs, or High Complex Carbs/Lean Protein.

Reduced Calories – this is the most popular way to lose weight and has been for a long time. This diet is simple math because you reduce your input and increase your output.This means that every day you consume less calories by eating smaller portions and making healthier food choices, and you burn more calories with exercise.

This is a great way to lose weight because both the healthy food choices and the increased activity are good for your overall health.The downside is that after we reach our goals, we tend to revert back to our former portions, reduce our exercise levels, and end up putting those pounds right back on.

High Protein/Low Carb – when we consume a high ration of protein in relationship to our carbs, our body goes into Ketosis, which also occurs during starvation, so this diet requires a delicate balance.This diet will burn fat fast and is also effective in improving biomarkers, such as HDL cholesterol, insulin resistance, and triglyceride levels.

In order to keep the body in ketosis, you need to take a urine test every morning, and it is very important to follow this diet strictly, or else you will fall out of Ketosis and have to start all over. One can only stay on this diet for a prescribed amount of time or damage can occur to kidneys and liver.

High Complex Carbs/Lean Protein – complex carbs are fruits and vegetables. On this diet, we eat limited amounts of lean protein and pretty much all the fruits and veggies we want. It is important to keep our protein levels up or our bodies will start burning muscle instead of fat.

Weight loss is not as drastic as on the high protein diet, but it seems easier to keep the pounds off since this is more of a lifestyle adjustment than a diet.

Conclusions – we are all different people and we all lose weight differently. It is important to find a plan that works for you and that you are comfortable with. We have seen that the “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” theory is effective; in which Type O blood types lose weight effectively on a high protein diet, and Type A blood Types lose weight effectively on a high complex carb diet. If neither of these plans work for you, than a reduced calorie diet may be the answer. And of course, exercise is an important component of any weight loss plan.

In our next postNewsletter we will discuss keeping the pounds off.

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