Many people have yet to hear of Naprapathy even though it has been successfully healing people for over 100 years!

Naprapathy is a gentle hands-on corrective therapy primarily used to return musculoskeletal balance.  A Naprapath uses manual manipulation of muscle and connective tissue to relieve pain and restore alignment of the spine.

Naprapathy provides relief for:
-Neck Pain
-Low Back Pain
-Joint Pain
-Chronic Fatigue
-Sprains and Strains
-Minor Aches and Pains
-And many other Health Issues

Naprapathy is a perfect complement to traditional medical treatment of these ailments.  By treating the connective tissue and addressing nutritional issues, pain relief and spine alignment may be restored without the use of drugs or surgery.


At Kuma, we understand that our patients appreciate having a plan that allows them to attain their desired level of wellness.  For most common health issues, the Doctor will schedule 3 to 4 visits within the first month in order to address the immediate acute symptoms and observe how the body is responding to treatment.  At that time the Doctor and patient will formulate a treatment plan together, which will include the number and frequency of visits, and/or nutritional goals, stretches, exercises.   The goal of this plan is to address the cause of the issue.  Most patients require 8 to 12 visits in order to relive or eliminate the symptoms and address the cause of their issue, then a recommended maintenance plan of 8 – 12 treatments per year.

Every patient is unique, so pricing may vary depending on the services required.  These prices are very typical and the Doctor will discuss the price of procedures with the patient prior to service.

Initial Exam and Consultation (90 – 240 minutes) – $195.00           

Treatment 45 – 60 minutes) – $135.00

Please note that many insurance plans cover Naprapathy.  You can call the number on the back of your card or we will be glad to do so for you.  Unfortunately Medicare does not cover Naprapathy although we do offer a 20% discount to our senior citizens.