pain vs. PAIN by Dr. Barb

Just a heads up if you are starting a new workout routine in 2016. There is pain and then there is PAIN! I have seen a lot of injuries occur when the body is pushed past its capacity, and you may not notice it because days later you are still recovering from a really hard work out. If sitting, standing, going up and down stairs or buckling your seat belt is a problem, than you’ve probably pushed too hard. When the work out dust finally settles, you may think you have just pulled a muscle and so keep working out, when in reality it may be something much bigger.

Listening to your body is number one. I have seen several injuries like muscle strain, tendon pulls and labrum tears in the shoulder and hip joints (a Labrum is the ring of cartilage around the edge of the joint surface of a bone) that ended in surgery. Doctor visits, hospital bills, being laid up doing no exercise…sounds like a pain to me. No pain no gain takes on an entirely different perspective, Yes?

So know your limits whether you are a well-seasoned athlete taking on a new routine, or starting a workout routine after years of dormancy. Going a bit slow in the beginning is not a sign of a wimp, it is a sign of wisdom. Sometimes we need to work our way to our top limit instead of pushing straight away from the beginning. No need for torture or to prove yourself, I promise that if you are committed to your goal you will achieve it. Getting a checkup (physical, postural analysis or alignment) before any new exercise routine is always a good idea. Remember if you have not worked out in a while it may take you a bit longer to get your body where you want it to be, but you will get there with perseverance.

Stay healthy and wise.

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