Phases of Health Care

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Kuma Health and Wellness Tips – Phases of Care

The Three Phases of Care

When our bodies are in pain, all we can think about is getting out of pain. We do everything the Doctor tells us – we take it easy, come in for our treatments, take our supplements, and we do our stretches and our exercises.

When we finally get out of pain and we think that the problem is solved – that is when the real problems start. Since we feel good, we think we are all healed and we stop listening to the Doctor, we miss our treatments, we stop taking our supplements, and we get lazy about our stretches and exercises.

Beware, because just when we feel better and think that we are healed, is when the pain can come back, and when it does, it will be worse.    We talk a lot about symptoms vs. cause. Treating a symptom might make us feel better in the short term, but it does not help eliminate the cause of our health issue.


Phase I – Pain Relief
Pain is a symptom, and when you come in to see the Naprapath or any health practitioner, their primary goal is to reduce your pain, which relieves your symptom.

If you are in pain and come to our office, Dr. Barb or Dr. Mary Ellen will consult with you, examine you, and start your treatment by working to relieve your pain.Typically a Naprapath will do this by reducing the inflammation of the muscle which is causing the pain. Our massage therapists will relieve pain by increasing the circulation of blood to the affected area.

Sometimes pain can be reduced considerably in just one visit, but it usually takes about four visits within the span of two weeks to really reduce the pain.This is known as the Pain Relief Phase.

At this point, some of our patients will stop coming in because they feel so much better and sadly we often see these patients come back days or weeks or even months later in worse shape, because they never corrected the cause of their problem.    Phase II – Corrective Care

Here is where Practitioner will help you heal the cause of your health issue. Dr. Barb says that most problems are caused by an imbalance of the connective tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) in the body – the muscles on one side are too strong, or the ligaments on one side are too tight.

A Naprapath will help you strengthen the weak and stretch the tight by manipulating the connective tissues and aligning the structure of the body. You may also be given stretches and exercises to do every day; and also, you may be given supplements to help the body heal nutritionally.

This phase of care typically takes 8 to 12 visits; but of course, each situation is unique.

Phase III – Maintenance Care

It is all downhill from here. This phase ingrains those healthy changes into your body and helps keep you functioning at 100%.

We believe that there are three solutions to every health issue – What you put into your body, what you do with your body, and who you get to help you with your body. In the Maintenance Phase, you will continue to take any supplements, vitamins, or minerals that the Doctor has suggested for you, you will continue to do your stretches and your exercises, and you will come in to see the Naprapath or the Massage Therapist on a regular basis.

Our patients and clients continue to see their Naprapath or Massage Therapist about every 4 weeks in order to maintain their optimal health.
This way, we get to see you every month with a smile on your face instead of being bent over in pain.

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