Symptoms vs. Cause

This is the first in our series, “The Three Causes of Health Issues”

Symptoms vs. Cause

At Kuma Health and Wellness, we believe that the reason we get successful results is because we treat not only the symptoms of a health issue, but we also treat the cause.  Sometimes the difference between the two can get confusing.  This morning I was reminded of a humorous memory from my past that might help illustrate the difference.

When I was in college I needed a car to get to my night job, and found an MGB Roadster for cheap that ran.  Usually.  One spring the check engine light went on.  This was not the soft gentle check engine lights that we have in cars these days.  This was a huge red light smack dab in the middle of the dashboard that shone so bright that it could have used to land planes at Midway Airport.  And there was no indication of nature of the problem, just that bright red light always shining.

Being a typical college student, I had no money to have an expert look at the car.  Heck, I barely had enough money for Macaroni & Cheese and Beer.  So I did everything I could do on my limited budget, but I never did figure out what was causing that light to go on.   It was so annoying to be driving on a beautiful summer night with the top down, and have that bright red light always shining.

Finally I got so frustrated that I slapped a piece of duct tape over the light and….problem solved!  No more bright red light shining in my eyes.  Months later during the winter I parked the car one day and it never ran again.

You might think I was a silly college kid for not fixing the problem correctly, and you would be right.  But don’t we all do the same thing with our health?

A health symptom is like that check engine light.  It is telling us that something is wrong with our body.  Maybe the symptom is as minor as a headache, or fatigue, or aches and pains.  The problem is, if we don’t want to take the time or the money to find out exactly what the problem is and commit to fixing that problem, it is only going to get worse.

When we take drugs like aspirin or sleeping pills or painkillers to relieve the symptom, that is just like slapping a piece of duct tape on the light and believing that the problem is solved.  Or maybe we just “learn to live with it”.  Whatever we choose to do, eventually that symptom may develop into a serious health issue, and by the time we are forced to take it seriously, it is going to take a lot more time and money to fix the problem, assuming that it is not too late.

Although there are thousands of symptoms, we believe that there are only three causes of all health issues, stress, toxicity, and trauma.  We will be discussing these causes in depth over the next few emails.

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