We are all toxic. There are 84,000 chemicals in our food, air, and water that we are exposed to everyday. Our food is being grown from seeds that have been genetically altered to contain herbicides and pesticides, and traces of these toxins have been found in the fruits and vegetables that end up on our tables. Even organic farmers say that our soil is so saturated with toxins from 100 years of chemical treatments that nothing can ever again be truly organic and toxin free.

We are all toxic, but we can reduce the effects of these toxins by reducing our consumption of toxins and increasing our elimination of toxins.

Reducing our Consumption of Toxins

Dr. Barb advocates that at least 50% of the food we eat should be raw fruits and vegetables. All produce, both organic and conventional, have contaminants that should be cleaned off before we eat them. The easiest and most cost effective way we have found to clean our fruits and vegetables is to fill our sink with warm water and a couple of cups of white vinegar, then we let the produce soak for about 10 minutes. After a good rinse with cool water we let everything dry, and then repack into containers. A good hint is to put a few paper towels into the containers to soak up any excess moisture and make the produce stay fresh longer.

We try to eat organic whenever possible, but it can get very expensive and difficult since some items are rarely if ever available. Below is the list of the 12 most toxic fruits and vegetables:


Peaches Cherries
Apples Pears
Sweet Bell Peppers Grapes (Imported)
Celery Spinach
Nectarines Lettuce
Strawberries Potatoes

These are the items that we should try to buy organic as much as possible.

Here are 12 of the LEAST toxic fruits and vegetables:

Onions Sweet Peas (Frozen)
Avocado Kiwi Fruit
Sweet Corn (Frozen) Bananas
Pineapples Cabbage
Mango Broccoli
Asparagus Papaya

Increasing our Elimination of Toxins

It is not enough to decrease our consumption of toxins; we also need to increase our elimination of them.  Our bodies eliminate waste many ways: through the digestive tract, the skin, and even our breath. Exercise and sweating are great ways to accelerate the elimination of toxic waste from our bodies. For those times when we are feeling a little less energetic, a Detox Foot Bath is very effective at the elimination of of heavy metals through our feet.  If you are interested in experiencing this effective, easy and relaxing detox treat, call and ask Jim to set up an appointment. An essential component of any detoxification plan is to cleanse your digestive system and liver at a minimum of every six months.  The liver performs over 500 processes for the body.  Regular cleansing reduces the work load of the liver and helps it work more efficiently.  Digestive and liver cleansing also helps to clear up foggy brain, lethargy, low energy and can even aide our sleep. There are many detox plans, some good and many not so good.  For those who do not cleanse on a regular basis, we recommend a packaged system which is gentle and does not require major dietary or lifestyle changes.  The product we have had much success with was developed by Designs for Health and is available at our office.

There may come a time in the future when we will have to grow all of our own food in order to control the process and insure that we are eating healthy.  Until then, we need to do our best to decrease our toxic consumption and increase our toxic elimination if we want to stay healthy.

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