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We have been discussing “The Three Causes of Health Issues”.

We began with a comparison of symptoms vs. cause.Treating a symptom might make us feel better in the short term, but it does not help eliminate the cause of our health issue. Even though there are thousands of symptoms, we know that there are only three causes of all health issues: Stress Toxicity, and Trauma.

We’ve discussed how Stress attacks us physically by causing our adrenal glands to become tired and overworked. Our adrenal glands are responsible for the hormones that control over one hundred of our body functions. Prolonged Stress equals Hormonal Imbalances.

Last time we shared the three solutions to each and every health issue: what you put into your body, what you do with your body, and who you get to help you with your body.

Today we continue our discussion of, “The Three Causes of Health Issues” with:

Let’s face it; we live in a toxic world. We eat, drink, and breathe 84,000 chemicals that we are exposed to everyday. Our liver is the main organ that filters toxins from our body, but it is not designed to cleanse this huge amount of modern impurities. These remaining toxins create highly reactive free radicals which enter our blood stream and destroy cellular activity.

In order to protect us, our body surrounds these free radicals with fat. That is why it is almost impossible to lose weight when we are toxic, because our body is using our fat to protect us from damage caused by those toxins.

Our bodies have filters, just like our cars and our homes have filters. And just like the filters in our cars and homes, the filters in our bodies need to occasionally be cleaned. Waste is stored in our liver, the lymph system, the intestinal tract, and our body’s cells.

When we clean our filters we remove the impurities and become healthier while enabling us to lose fat and excess weight. Here are just a few of the many benefits we get from detoxifying our bodies:

  • Strengthen our Immune System
  • Increases Fat Burning Metabolism
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improves Digestion
  • Have more Energy
  • Slow down Effects of Aging

There are many good detoxification and cleansing products available, and there are many that are not so good. We would be happy to discuss your various options with you next time you are in our office.

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