The Three Solutions to Every Health Issue

Anyone who is a Kuma patient or a massage client, and all of you who regularly read our Wellness Tips hear us talk a lot about symptoms vs. causes.

There are thousands of symptoms.  Symptoms are the “Check Engine Light” of the body, so when a symptom appears, it is important that we pay attention.

Although there are thousands of symptoms, we know that there are only three causes of all health issues – Stress, Toxicity, and Trauma.  Prolonged Stress results in Hormonal Imbalance, Toxicity leads to fatigue and weight gain, an Trauma causes Nero-Muscular damage.

Whatever the cause, there is always a three step solution to every health issue:

  1. What you put in your body,

It is important to know what food, vitamins, and supplements your body needs to heal itself, and to make sure you take only quality products.

It is not legal for food growers and supplement manufactures to list the benefits of their products on the labels, but you can ask your healthcare practitioner or the people at your favorite health store for assistance.  Also there are many very good internet sites for information on what foods and supplements are good for a particular health issue.

  1. What you do with your body,

Stretching and exercise is an important part of everyone’s health, but when you have a particular health issue, it is essential that you stretch and exercise every day.  A specific plan will help target the exact areas you need to work on, but at a minimum everyone can do light calisthenics or yoga and a daily walk.  Gypsy will be happy to help you take a walk every day.

  1. Who you get to help you with your body.

None of us can do it all alone, we all need help.  Even Dr. Barb needs a regular   massage or a Naprapathic Treatment.    Make sure you find someone you can trust and make regular appointments.

We see many people who come in regularly when they are in pain, but as soon as they feel better, they stop coming in.  Then six months later we see them again and they are in pain again.  Regular maintenance visits will keep your body healthy.


So remember, whatever your health issue is, the solution is what you put into your body, what you do with your body, and who you get to help you with your body.

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