What is Wellness Care?

In our practice, we consider wellness to be natural care without drugs that can not only eliminate health problems, but prevent them. That is exactly what our wellness center does, and here is how we do it:

We believe all health problems have three causes.

The first cause is trauma. Since childhood, we have falls and accidents that occur, and although these injuries may not seem serious at first, they can cause undetected and long-lasting damage, not just to muscles but also to nerves as well. Nerves control all functions in the body, and if they are not working properly, neither will your body. Headaches, back or neck pain, as well as numbness usually come from undetected nerve damage.
A Naprapath uses gentle manual manipulation of the connective tissue to relieve pain by aligning the spine and restoring proper nerve impulses to surrounding organs and tissue.

The second cause is stress which everyone experiences. Prolonged stress leads to hormone imbalances related to the stress glands of the body, known as the adrenal glands. These glands secrete hormones that control sleep, digestion, weight gain, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, allergies, arthritis, immunity, heart function, fatigue, etc. These glands can be tested and, if malfunctioning, they can be repaired through diet and supplements.

The third cause of disease is toxicity caused by poor nutrition and pollution of our water, food and air. The US rates 50th in life expectancy. We are on the bottom of the list despite all the drugs we take. There are 82,000 chemicals that can enter your body weekly. Your body cannot eliminate these toxins fast enough, so to defend against them your body surrounds them in fat. As a result we gain weight, feel fatigued, can’t focus, and are more susceptible to disease.

A nutritional cleansing program can help get rid of chemical toxicity in your body and as a result you will improve your overall health, have more energy and lose unwanted weight.